Sabrina Haroon Chishti

Author and Illustrator


Purchase a copy of Hide and Sneak and receive a free handwritten customized message and signature on a card insert.

Ibrahim loves to play! Come join the exciting game of "hide and sneak' as mommy searches for baby. 

Feel the suspense of the hunt and the thrill of being found!

Flip the flaps to uncover hidden surprise images! 

This 7x7 board book is a great addition to your child's reading collection.

Ages 0-5 years


As a child, Sabrina was inspired by Disney Art. She began sketching at the age of 4 and painting by 5. By the time she turned 17, her artwork was displayed in many community fairs, art walks including the Las Olas Art show in Fort Lauderdale, FL. She won numerous competitions at the city, county and state levels. 

One of her largest murals she worked on was of her school mascot- a panther. This display can currently be found at the Coral Springs Charter High School.

She was art club founder and president 2002-2003. 

Her prized art work "Peace," was showcased in 2003, at the New York Children's Museum for 'Cultural Diversity Around the World.' This piece displayed two hands cupped together, a symbol for the Islamic prayer, with Arabic engrained in the curves of the hands that read "Peace for all humanity."

The airbrushed background displayed a silhouette of people from different faiths and cultures holding hands.  

Her illustrations in her new book, Hide and Sneak, are focused on the color variations and brush strokes of the mother's hijab. Each page in this story is hand crafted and different throughout the book. She chose clean white pages with colorful art, so the reader can focus on the characters and the 'flip the flap' features. 



Sabrina has aspired to become an author at a young age.

"It has always been a dream of mine, to create and publish a children's book. When working on this book, I wanted to make it interactive for toddlers. My focus is on incorporating S.T.E.A.M. in every activity I do with my children and students by using the 5 steps of early literacy. I created the 'flip-flap' features to make reading a hands on activity.  I crafted the storyline with rhyming words to create performance when reading aloud and the opportunity to bond with your child. 

I encourage parents to make reading part of playtime instead of bedtime. 

The main focus is to bring light onto the cultural and religious aspect of the characters. This book is not intended to teach religion, but simply to show the sweet playful scenario and loving bond between a mother and her child. I want young children to accept that there are people who look different from you, but they play and love, exactly like you do!"



What is S.T.E.A.M?

S.T.E.A.M. stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. STEAM Educators, LLC is the publishing company for the book "Hide and Sneak." 

The company was formed in 2019 and provides educational STEAM afterschool programs to schools and park districts in Chicagoland. A team of highly skilled instructors teach elementary aged students hands on skills such as computer programming, coding, robotics and more. Our courses encompass all elements of STEAM with focus on 'Art,' as it often gets left out of many programs. 

Sabrina Chishti is an instructor for our programs and teaches students in early enrichment across the United States through online platforms. 

Our publications are intended to foster hands on enrichment using STEAM elements. 

We have a handful of future publications on the way which will focus on the interactive Islamic children's stories that pioneer the ideas of STEAM. Be on the look out for future releases!

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 Sabrina Haroon Chishti

Sabrina is a Muslim-American, author and illustrator of children's books. 

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